10th Annual Conference of Galaxias, Thessaloniki 27-28 May

For the annual conference of Galaxias in 2017 we are taking a step further, inviting two renowned speakers from the US.
Professor James McKenna specializes in safe infant sleep practices, especially in the case in which parents are interested in co-sleeping. He is the direcotr Mother – Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory in the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame Indiana. In a recent publication he introduced the intriguing term breastsleeping, allowing us to rethink safe sleep practices, an issue that concerns all members of the community involved in infant care and breastfeeding.
Catherine Watson Genna, visits our city Thessaloniki for the first time, giving an opportunity to members of the audience to enrich their knowledge in nipple latch issues and strategies to deal with difficult situations, at the beginning as well as at later stages of breastfeeding. She is an IBCLC practicing in New York and has significant experience in the management of complex cases. She gives lectures frequently to health professionals on managing breastfeeidng problems in newborns with neurological, orthopedic or genetic problems. She has a special interest in studying the mobility of the tongue and clinically assesing cases of ankyloglossia (tongue tie), a condition that may cause problems in breastfeeding.
The event is a collaborative effort of the Board of Galaxias, as well as other members of our association. The scientific programme will iclude local IBCLCs who will give presentations on issues of general interest regarding breastfeeding.
Our aim is to give the opportunity to members of a wider audience to improve the level of care they provide. From our experience, during the previous years, the audience is mostly comprised by health professionals who are involved in the care of mother-infant dyads.
Announcements on the details of the event (program, accommodation, registration fee) will follow shortly.
Thank you for your interest and support in our efforts to facilitate the practice of breastfeeding.

Programme, tickets and details about the event can be found at our facebook page:

10th Galaxias Seminar

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    Μάιος 11, 2017 at 9:15 πμ

    Είμαι Μαία και θα ήθελα να ενημερώνομαι


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